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    ACRA Company Filing Obligations and Deadlines

    ACRA & IRAS Filing Obligations Timeline Example
    • Appointment of Company Secretary

      Companies are required to appoint a company secretary within 6 months from incorporation date, and this position cannot be left vacant for more than 6 months.

      Company secretaries must be natural persons locally residing in Singapore. The position of company secretary cannot be held by sole directors of the company.

      For more details, please refer to ACRA's website for more details, or check out our corporate secretarial services.

    • AGM and Annual Returns Deadline

      For companies with a financial year end after 31 August 2018, deadlines for holding of AGM are as follows:

      Listed companies must hold an AGM within four months after the company’s financial year end and file the annual return within five months after the company’s financial year end.

      Unlisted companies must hold an AGM within six months after the company’s financial year end and file the annual return within seven months after the company’s financial year end.

    What is an Annual Return?

    Annual returns are electronic forms lodged with ACRA that contains key particulars of the company.

    The annual returns will confirm the company type, registered office address, particulars of officers, and details of registered charges.

    Confirmation will also be sought on whether there are any changes to the company’s primary and secondary business activities.

    Details of the company’s share allocation details and paid up capital will be confirmed as well.

    The financial statements of the company, as well as the dates that these financial statements are made up to will have to be provided as well.

    Depending on the type of company, XBRL submissions may be required as well for the annual returns submissions.

    Check out our Corporate Secretarial Services or our Accounting & Bookkeeping Services if you would like to find out how we can better assist you.

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